Monday, 8 December 2014


Form a standing circle. Nominate a leader, who stands in the centre with eyes blindfolded. The remainder of group rotate slowly around him/her. At random the leader indicates a quarter of the group number by touching each individual. Indicated ones leave the group and become 'others'.

The leader removes his blindfold, and establishes a rhythm and a note of his choice. The group together sing the note, which once established may be enlarged upon freely; but with voice only.

At any time during above proceeding an 'outer' may touch one of the 'inner' group, who must immediately cease part in the performance and assume role of non-participating 'outer'. 'Outer' automatically becomes and 'inner' and must begin to perform a new sound or activity. One not produced by the voice.

Thus an outer may terminate any one person's participation at any time.

When the leader is touched, he forfeits his role and so doing shouts 'Porridge.' All activities and sounds much cease immediately, whereupon the new leaser must decide on a new group activity once 'outers' have been re-indicated. No verbal instruction must be given. He must begin the performance; the group imitate and enlarge upon it. Each successive rite must follow the same ritualistic pattern.


Improvisation Rite. Note: the fraction in line 4 may be adjusted. Variant for last paragraph: When the leader is touched he forfeits his role, and so doing shouts "Porridge". All participation is interrupted for a fraction at "Porridge" and then resumed. Each person's first participation (coming 'in' from 'out') and "Porridge" should be the same as new leader's activity. Suggested closing rite: When a leader considers the performance has gone on long enough, he screams a different word (not "Porridge") when touched. Whereupon all cease finally.

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